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Analysing the Practice of Ancient Tamil Traditional Medicine in Management of Oral Diseases: A Survey of Siddha Practioners in Chennai

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Shanmugapriya Ramamurthy, A.I Raj, Sheeja Varghese, Lakshmi Kantham T, Muruganandam, Ajit Vikram A
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2022.13.04.29


Background: Siddha is an ancient Indian traditional medicine system that originated in Tamil Nadu and is known to the world as a safe and effective alternative to western medicine. Based on medicinal alchemy, it strives to impart power and longevity to people. It has applications in a wide range of human ailments including dental diseases. There is need for research in the use of Siddha medicine in dentistry. Our study aims to assess the knowledge, awareness and practice of dentistry in Siddha practitioners in Chennai, India. Methods: Standardized and validated questionnaire to assess the knowledge, awareness and practice of dentistry in Siddha practitioners was employed to random practitioners of Central Siddha Institute, Chennai. We assessed their attitude towards oral diseases, treatment methodology and to determine the types and parts of herbs used for management of oral diseases. Results and conclusions: 93 professionals provided valid responses. Pertinent data was obtained on the most common dental complaints of patients, the common dental diagnoses, various plants used, the medicinal part of the plants, the mechanism of action, the mode of preparation, use of metals and preservatives etc. This study, being one of the first in eliciting unique responses from Siddha practitioners regarding dentistry, could pioneer further research in developing safe and effective traditional therapies for dental disorders.

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