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Anti Cancer Activity of Cassia Oleoresin Against Liver Cancer Cell Lines

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» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2021.12.04.04


Introduction: Cancer is an uncontrollable disease which destroys our body tissues rapidly and it is the most leading cause of death all over the world. Cassia oleoresin is an Indian traditional plant which is commonly used as a spice. It is used to prevent many diseases without causing any side effects. It has proven to have anticancer activity against liver cancer cell lines. The present study was designed to evaluate the anticancer activity of Cassia oleoresin against liver cancer cell lines. Materials and methods: Cassia oleoresin (product number 4010000195) was obtained from Synthite Valley Private Limited. MTT assay was used to check the cell viability against liver cancer cell line which was treated with increasing concentration of Cassia oleoresin extract for 24 hours. The result was interpreted using SPSS software correlated using One Way ANOVA. Results: Increase in the concentration of the Cassia oleoresin extract shows decrease in the percentage of cell viability which proves the significant anticancer activity. The cell viability was 20% at 200 μg/ml concentration of extract. The IC50 value was 65 μg/ml. Conclusion: The extract of cassia oleoresin demonstrated potent anticancer activity against liver cancer cell lines. Hence, it can be used for treating liver cancer after evaluating the practical applicability and clinical efficacy of the drug

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