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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities from Strychnos icaja Baillon (Loganiaceae)

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» doi: 10.5455/ jcmr.2021.12.04.35


Anti-inflammatory agents have gained an increasing demand with the rising number of indications of inflammatory mediated diseases. Medicinal plants extract treats numerous diseases mediated by inflammation and remain a potent source of new anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. Strychnos icaja Baillon (Loganiaceae) is a tropical shrub common of Central Africa forest. Traditional usage of the Shrub in Gabon, involve haemorrhoids, ear infections, rheumatism and diabetes treatments. The objective of the present study is to analyse the different root’s extract phenolic and alkaloids content, along with the evaluation of its in vitro anti-inflammatory and antioxidants activities. Phytochemical revealed the presence of alkaloids in the roots (0.660%). St (Strychnos) dichloromethane type extract highlights polyphenol content (total phenolic: 54.21 ± 4.87 mgEAG/g; total flavonoids: 6.98 ± 1.27 mgEQ/g; total tannins 46.42 ± 1.03 mg EAT/g). St aqueous extract has a very low polyphenol content with (22.28 ± 0.50 mgEAG/g; 1.29 ± 0.45 mgEQ/g and 17.30 ± 0.69 mg EAT/g) according to the above arrangement. Anti-inflammatory activities by inhibition of lipoxygenase and xanthine oxidase are also significant: St total alkaloids roots 94.33 ± 0.16 % vs 77.74 ± 0.14 % respectively; St dichloromethane 86.61±2.83% vs 65.19±5.25 %. Inhibition of both enzymes by St aqueous extract is deficient. DPPH test shows good antiradical activity. Antioxidant activity by the FRAP test, show that St total alkaloids of the roots have a value of 5.94 ± 0.14mmol EAA/g that is significantly close from Ascorbic acid (5.86 ± 0.51 mmol EAA/g). The different investigations show that Strychnos icaja has a good antioxidant activity and remarkable anti-inflammatory properties

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