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Meta Analysis of moxibustion in the Treatment of Functional Constipation based on Radar Plot Multivariate Evaluation of Literature Quality

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Qiang J. Mao, Huilin Liu, Guofeng Luo, Peiling Li, Desheng Wu, Xiaoming Zhang, Xingchen Zhou, Yanan Yang, Guoming Huang, Ziru Li,Shuisheng Zhou, Rui Yang, Qi Xiao, Lin Jiao , Zhenhai Chi
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2022.13.01.25


Objective: The multiple evaluation method of radar map was used to evaluate the literature quality of systematic evaluation /meta analysis of moxibustion therapy for functional constipation, providing clear and reliable evidence for the majority of users. Methods: The retrieval strategy was developed and perfected, and the quality of literature was evaluated from six aspects: publication time, design type, AMSTAR score, PRISMA score, heterogeneity and publication bias. Results: Finally, 5 literature that met the established requirements were included, and the publication years were concentrated from 2018 to 2021. Randomized controlled trials accounted for a large proportion of design types, AMSTAR scores ranged from 12 to 23, PRISMA scores ranged from 21 to 40, and the average rank score of 5 literature was 3.43. Among them, the literature quality of xuan Yichen and Wu Xinyu was relatively good, with balanced and stable scores in all dimensions, while the treatment of the rest was poor (mainly manifested in: the literature retrieval strategy was not comprehensive enough; The existence of heterogeneity was not satisfactorily explained and discussed; Lack of reporting on research funding and funding sources; Lack of literature search and screening flow chart reports in study selection; The characteristics of the literature are not fully reported). Most literature have low homogeneity and publication bias Conclusion: Systematic evaluation/Meta Analysis of moxibustion therapy for functional constipation the quality of literature needs to be further improved, especially the quality of methodology and reportage. The radar chart shows the data in a concise, intuitive and clear way, which is worthy of wide application in various specialties of traditional Chinese medicine.

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