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Molecular detection of some virulence genes of proteus mirabilis isolated from different samples in Babylon province /Iraq

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Iqbal Harbi Kadhim, Lamees A. Abdul-Lateef
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2022.13.04.27


A total of (130) alkaline urine sampls, as well as vaginal, wound, and burn sampls, were collected from patients with urinary tract infections of both sexes who visited Al-Hilla general Teaching Hospital in Al-Hilla governorate, Iraq, between September and December of 2021. Genotyping of P.mirabilis isolates was carried out at the molecular level to define genotypic features using a PCR approach targeting the key virulence factors genes. Three virulence genes (hpmA, rsbA, and pta) were screened from the total of 25 P.mirabilis positive samples. Twenty-five isolates of P.mirabilis were discovered. 17 (68%) isolates were obtained from patients with urinary tract infection, while 3 (12%) isolates were obtained from patients with vaginal infection, 3 (12%) isolates from patients with surgical wound infection, and 2 (8%) isolates were obtained from patients with burn infection. For the identification of the ureR gene, a specific PCR primer was utilized. The ureR gene was discovered in 25 (100%) isolates of P.mirabilis, including all UTI and vaginal infections, wound infections, and burn infections. A particular PCR primer was used to determine the presence of the hpmA gene. The hpmA gene was found in 24 P.mirabilis bacterial isolates (96%). PCR was used on genomic DNA from each P.mirabilis isolate to detect the rsbA gene using appropriate primers. PCR amplification of the rsbA gene revealed that only 20 (80%) of the 25 P.mirabilis isolates tested positive for this gene. Using specific PCR primers, the pta gene was also detected in P.mirabilis. Out of 25 isolates of P.mirabilis, the pta gene was found in 23 (92%) of P.mirabilis.

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