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Vaccination of Patients at Risk Against COVID-19: Pros and Cons

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Ksenia V. Tol, Patimat S. Magomedova, Karina M. Idalova,Eliza H. Umatgirieva, Ivan V. Kaska,David S. U. Asanov
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2022.13.01.12


To date, the wave-like development of coronavirus infection continues, and each new round of morbidity takes human lives with it. In this regard, WHO calls on all citizens of the world to be vaccinated in order to avoid the negative consequences of a new coronavirus infection. Vaccination against COVID-19 is not mandatory, but the priorities that vaccinated people receive largely separate them from those who oppose vaccination. Among the reasons why people refuse vaccination is the presence of chronic diseases that, in their opinion, may worsen after the introduction of the vaccine or even lead to death. In addition, patients aged 60+ believe that against the background of vaccination, they may develop other diseases that will result from a decrease in immunity due to age. Accordingly, the debate about whether there is a need to vaccinate people from the risk group is quite hot, so this problem appears as relevant in modern conditions. The purpose of the work is to consider the priorities that vaccination gives to patients at risk, as well as to investigate the risks that may reduce the benefits of vaccination for such citizens.

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