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Designing and Prioritizing Medical Equipment Replacement Strategies Using a Fuzzy MADM Model and the SWOT Matrix

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» doi: 10.5455/ jcmr.2021.12.04.40


Background: All countries need to consider the significance of medical equipment in health and safety, and its significant effect on healthcare economics, medical education, and research. Methods: This study addressed designing a system of medical equipment replacement using a hybrid SWOT-FANP approach, intends to increase the selfconfidence of decision-makers and owners of medical equipment and provide them with adequate evidence and thereby, motivate the formulation of medical equipment replacement strategies selected by the SWOT matrix and with the aid of Fuzzy Analytic Network Process (FANP) for their prioritization. The teaching hospitals of a province in Iran were selected as the case study. The applied hybrid approach allows measuring the dependencies of the SWOT factors to consider them in assigning a strategic weight and weights to sub-factors and changing the prioritization of the alternative strategies. Results: FANP analysis reveals that the strategy ????????1 with the final weight of 0.15 is the most appropriate strategy of medical equipment replacement in the teaching hospitals of Guilan province under the status quo. Also, the second and third priorities of alternative strategies have been assigned to strategies ????????1 and ????????1with the final weights of 0.144 and 0.134, respectively. Conclusion: It is imperative to formulate a strategic and macro program for medical equipment management to replace the available equipment to reduce the risk for patients and hospital staff as well as to ensure the availability of services.

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