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Effect of Aahar on Body-Manas Dichotomy

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Dr. Nibha Pandey, Dr. Simant Sourav, Dr. Jyoti Singh
ยป doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2024.15.01.16


As this popular quote of chandogyaupanishad goes, Indian science & philosophy has always applauded the important role of AAHAR for attainment of all goals of life while enjoying a cherished life.Aahar in a broader sense can be defined as the panchmahaboot taken inside/ accepted into the body for its sustenance, development, reproduction and proper functioning. This panchmahabhutas get converted into energy,circulate in & out of all koshas with the help of life- force.Both aahar and prana [life- force] sharea vital bond & thereby exert large effect on each other. In the process of Aaharpaka, due to action of BHUTAGNI, food gets disintegrated into the constituent Mahabhoot& further into respectivetanmatras. Tanmatras get converted into triguna ,& this triguna effect MANAS, this is sukshmapachan . In sthulapachan various dhatus &tridosha are formed. Tridoshas are coherently related to triguna& both exert effect on each other. This is the explanation for how mental conditions can manipulate body physiology & body physiology can effect manas.

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