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Factors Affecting Lean Management: Designing a Model for Teaching Hospitals

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» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2021.12.04.11


Introduction & Background: Although lean management methods have been wildly applied in hospitals, designing a comprehensive model for teaching hospitals was very limited. This study aims to propose a model for lean management in the hospitals of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Methods: Considering the results, the present case study falls in the applied category. The research populations were managers at different levels of senior, middle and operational in SBMU teaching hospitals. The data obtained through a research-made questionnaire that its validity confirmed by a group of elite in lean management and its reliability calculated 0.82 using Cronbach’s alpha. Collected data underwent exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis using SPSS and AMOS, respectively. Results: According to exploratory factor analysis, the model variables consisting of seven factors and revealed 57.01 percentage variance. Using confirmatory factor analysis on the basis of goodness of fit indices, the designed model consisting of Hospital Waste Factor with factor loading as 0.714, Process Factor with factor loading as 0.851, Lean Team Effectiveness Factor with factor loading as 0.893, Medical Equipment Suppliers with factor loading as 0.925, Lean Culture Factor with factor loading as 0.894, Organizational Policy Factor with factor loading as 0.880 and Control Factor with factor loading as 0.838. The highest factor loading went to Medical Equipment Factor and Lean Culture Factor, respectively. Conclusion: Considering the effect of the mentioned seven factors on lean management model, teaching hospitals seeking to implement lean management as a new approach, applying self-assessment system to determine real position of hospital to establish proposed lean management model appropriately

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