Online ISSN: 2577-5669

Features of Postoperative Rehabilitation of Pediatric Patients

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Roxana R. Gabdullaeva , Anna A.Tokareva, Anna M. Bichucher , Karina M. Idalova, Sergey V. Bezuglov, Alexander Markov
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2022.13.01.11


The article investigates the features of postoperative rehabilitation of pediatric patients. Surgical interventions, regardless of their scale, are very stressful even for an adult, for a child, the operation, in addition to the fear that arises before it, can also become a problem associated with recovery in the postoperative period. At the same time, the traumatic factor can be not only physical (complications after surgery), but also psychological (fear of recurrence of painful sensations if the disease manifests itself again). In this regard, specialized professionals need to pay attention to the rehabilitation period of children after the operation and develop measures aimed at reducing the stress load in young patients, as well as reducing the time of their full recovery

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