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Features of the Organization of Activities in the Field of Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

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Timerlan G. Daurbekov, Muslim U. Koysultanov, Alsinya S. Alyautdinova, Alexandr S. Sozonov, Nariman A. Khalilov, Ivan V. Kuznecov
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2022.13.01.08


All over the world, cardiovascular diseases are the cause of death or disability of a huge number of patients. At the same time, the age of patients with this diagnosis is gradually decreasing every year. For this reason, the prevention of such diseases has come to the fore over time. The importance of prevention of this group of diseases is emphasized by all specialists in this field, this problem becomes the object of research of a significant number of scientific papers and the subject of discussion at professional conferences of medical professionals. In general, recent preference has been given to current recommendations that optimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases by accurately assessing such risk and changing the use of lifestyle; behavioral and pharmacological interventions also play an important role. Accordingly, it is necessary to conclude that the prevention of cardiovascular diseases should be comprehensive, in this case its results will be significant.

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