Online ISSN: 2577-5669

Genetic Detection and Phylogenetic Tree Study for SARS COV-2 (N Gene) In Iraq

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» doi: 10.5455/ jcmr.2021.12.04.20


Aim of the current work to discovered and evaluation the effect of SARS-CoV-2 in positive samples in terms of N-gene Material and method, techniques for covid-19 were created with the partial sequencing of the genome (N gene) in real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase (RT-PCR) chain reaction. After SARS-CoV2 isolation, an RT-PCR diagnostic test was developed for nose and pharyngeal swabs. The FAM sequence's RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene, as well as the SARS-E CoV-2's and N genes, were used in RT-PCR experiments (diagnostic kit). RT-PCR assays targeting positive samples. Result, the N-gene is further studied and amplified by PCR before being sequenced and recorded in gene bank for 10 samples (MW820281, MW820282, MW820283, MW820284, MW820285, MW820286, MW820287, MW820288, MW820289, MW820290). Conclusion, according to the results of this research, identifying the N-gene alone would mask more than 95% of positive cases going to follow viral nucleic acid screening of COVID-19 patients. As a result, tracking repositive COVID-19 patients can become more easy, reliable, and cost-effective. This conclusion must be confirmed in a larger society.

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