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Protective effect of auraptene on oxidative stress induced by acrylamide in isolated rat hepatocytes

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Shaghayegh Hemat Jouy , Hedie Nourmohammadan , Zeinab noormohammadi , Jafar Shahraki , Mahmoud Hashemzaei , Zahra Asadollahi , Golshid Javdani Shahedin , Gholamreza Bagheri
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2023.14.06.07


Acrylamide is a chemical compound that has many applications in the industry. This substance is formed in the cooking process of a high carbohydrate food at a temperature higher than 120 degrees Celsius. The highest amount of acrylamide is in fried potato, bread and coffee. Faced with acrylamide due to its presence in food and industrial applications. Acrylamide can also cause neurotoxicity, genotoxicity, and hepatotoxicity and cancer. This substance can increase the production of various active oxygen species in the body and reduce the antioxidant defense, which ultimately causes oxidative stress. auraptene 7-Geranyloxycoumarin is a member of the Cumarin family. It is found mainly in citrus, such as grapefruit. auraptene has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effects. Since auraptene has anti-oxidant effects, this study examined the protective effects of auraptene against acrylamide-induced oxidative stress. For this study, 6 groups of rat liver isolated liver were prepared: control group, Acrylamide, acrylamide with auraptene 100 μM, acrylamide ointment with 50 μM auraptene, acrylamide with 20 μM auraptene Acrylamide with 10 μM auraptene. Oxidative stress indices were measured in this project. Our results showed that auraptene at concentrations of 50, 100 and 20 µM could significantly reduce the production of active oxygen species, peroxidation lipid, mitochondrial damage, and toxicity of acrylamide toxicity. Based on the results of this study, consuming foods containing auraptene may be a therapeutic strategy to prevent and reduce the toxic effects of acrylamide in the body. There is a need for further research to prove this claim.

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