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Risks and Histoprognostic Factors of Colorectal Cancer in East of Algeria

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Baba A. Fedia*, Boukachabia Alima, Baba A. Kamila, Boutarfa Meriem
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2022.13.04.13


The frequency of colorectal cancer (CRC) is gradually increasing in the Algerian population. It ranks 3rd among the most common cancers. Diet and lifestyle are the factors that plays a role in the development of these cancers. CRC is a major public health problem; it is essential to determine the factors causing this disease. In our retrospective study conducted at the Cancer Center from January to December 2019, which involved 60 cases with CRC, it was noted that the most representative age group is between 51 and 60 years old (46.7%). There is a predominance of the female sex with 60% of the cases against 40% of the male sex. Obesity Type 2 represents the highest rate of cases with 45% and overweight with 43.3%. We note that 75% of patients have no surgical history and 25% are operated. The left colon and the transverse colon are the most affected (53.85% and 30.77%). It is noted that the class with the highest rate is grade T3N2Mx with 46% of cases. Our results show that obesity, as well as diabetes and hypertension and family history of digestive cancers are closelyrelated to colorectal risk.

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