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Trends in Awareness and Utilization of Inpatient Healthcare Services under Government Sponsored Health Insurance Schemes: Insights from Select Cities of Maharashtra

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Dr. Neha Ahire, Dr. Parag Rishipathak
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2022.13.04.04


Introduction: India’s National Health Policy 2018 (NHP-2018) has its goal fully aligned with the concept of Universal health coverage. The Ayushman Bharat Program announced in the Union budget 2018–19 of the Government of India, aims to carry NHP-2018 proposals forward. Along with Ayushman Bharat there are other state run health insurance schemes as well which are catering to the needs of the people. Government sponsored health insurance schemes have received an unprecedented public, political and media attention. This article studies the trends in utilization of healthcare services under government sponsored health insurance schemes in select cities of Maharashtra. Aim & Objectives: To study the trends in the awareness and utilization of inpatient healthcare Services under Government Sponsored Health insurance Schemes in Select Cities of Maharashtra namely Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur Findings: Utilization trends in three select cities of Maharashtra have been studied. The sources of awareness regarding such schemes were hospitals. The study also highlights utilization specialty health care services amongst all age groups in selected cities. Conclusion: Utilization trends suggest the need of government sponsored health insurance schemes. The schemes have been found to be beneficial for all the age group

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